Infraction Deferral Program


The Newton County Prosecutor's Office offers an Infraction Deferral Program to eligible individuals. You may pay by:

  • In Person - bring completed deferral form to the Newton County Prosecutor's Office. You may pay with cash or money order at the Newton County Clerk's Office.
  • On-line - see link below to complete electronic deferral form and then submit payment by credit card (fee applies).
  • The cost for the deferral program is $192.50, you do NOT pay the ticket.

The following are NOT eligible for this program:

  • CDL endorsement holders.
  • Anyone who has participated in this program within the last twelve (12) months.
  • Receiving two (2) citations or more at the same traffic stop.
  • Anyone with a serious conviction on their driving record that include:
    • DUI, DWI, OWI, Passing A School Bus Loading/Unloading, Reckless Driving, Leaving The Scene Of An Accident, Driving While Suspended (Partial List Of Convictions)

Information for this Program:

  • No conviction will appear on your driving record.
  • There are no classes to attend in association with this program.
  • You cannot receive another traffic citation for six (6) months.
  • The traffic citation is dismissed after a six (6) month probation period.
  • Any violation of the Infraction Deferral Agreement will result in reinstatement of the charge.

Your form must be received along with your payment in order to process your transaction. 

NOTE: Personal information regarding traffic citations will not be sent via electronic mail. Please do not send requests regarding the Infraction Deferral Program by email.

Please call the Newton County Prosecutor's Office at 219-474-5777 if you have any questions.

To find your Cause Number, contact Newton County Clerk's Office.

To process your deferral on-line:  Click Here

Citations take one week to be processed and assigned a case number, Therefore you must wait at least one week after receiving your citation to start this process. If you elect to use the on-line payment process, You will be assessed a $10 processing fee in addition to the $192.50 deferral fee, so the total charge on your payment card will be $202.50

  1. Contact Newton County Clerk's Office for your Case Number, using your name or citation number. Do Not pay the citation until you have filled out the deferral form, but instead, click on the view/pay ticket link and:
    1. Write down your cause number, which will be in bold and start with "56D01..."
    2. Write down the Date from the line just below the case number. 
    3. Write down your ticket number, which is in the box just below your cause number.
    4. Use your back button to get back to this page.
  2. Now click here to fill out the deferral application form. You will need the three pieces of information you copied down in the previous step.

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