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The Office of the County Surveyor maintains the section corner monuments that were established by the Public Land Survey System (PLSS). Nearly all private surveys reference the PLSS monuments. The PLSS was established in Newton County as early as 1834. Newton County was established as the youngest county in 1860.

The Office of the County Surveyor maintains and upgrades the mapping of the county. Legal surveys, if any, are kept in a record book in the Surveyor’s Office.

Since PLSS and mapping originates in the Office of the County Surveyor, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is also found in the office. Control monuments are continuously added to the information found on the county GIS website. The office is converting the PLSS and Control monuments to the State Plane Coordinate System.

The Drainage Board Secretary is also located in the Office of the County Surveyor. The County Surveyor is the technical authority for all regulated drains in the county. The Drainage Board, consisting of the three County Commissioners, or their appointee, is the executive authority for all regulated drains. In addition to maintaining regulated drains, the County Surveyor responds to and investigates petitions for the removal of obstructions in mutual drains and natural surface watercourses. The County Surveyor also responds to stormwater nuisances and reports findings to the Drainage Board.

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