Emergency Management Agency (EMA)

Mission Statement

To establish and maintain a progressive emergency management program that promotes the mitigation of, preparation for, the response to, and the recovery from emergencies and disasters impacting the public, government, and business of the communities within Newton County.

Definition of Emergency Management

Emergency management is the process of coordinating available resources to deal with emergencies effectively, thereby saving lives, avoiding injury, and minimizing economic loss. This protection process involves four phases of emergency management. They are:

Mitigation: Taking specific actions that will reduce the possibility of a disaster occurring or to reduce the loss such as relocating structures out of a flood plain.

Preparation: The process of writing plans, identifying resources, negotiating agreements, training and exercising.

Response: The mobilization of the forces using the resources available to stabilize a situation.

Recovery: The immediate and long-range effort made to assist in returning a situation to near normal conditions again.

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