Handgun License

If you are renewing your handgun permit:

You may apply no more than 365 days (12 months) before your current permit expires.

You must complete your application online, before your permit expires, to be allowed to carry while your application is being processed. If your permit has expired, you cannot carry while processing the renewal.

The Application Process can only be completed Online following these steps:

Residents from Brook, Goodland, Kentland and Morocco must contact their local town police department for instructions.

If you are a resident of unincorporated Newton County, complete your online application and visit an L-1 site to submit your fingerprints.  The Indiana State Police will only accept electronic fingerprint submissions.  Fingerprints can no longer be processed at local police departments. 

  • Complete the Online Handgun License Application.
  • Submit your fingerprints to the Indiana State Police.
  • Fingerprints must be processed digitally at an L-1 Enrollment Services Site.  
  • L-1 Fees and State Applications Fees will be paid at the L-1 Location.
  • Call the Sheriff's Office at 219-474-3331, ext. 3130, Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM to complete your application process and pay local fees.  When you call, have your name, date of birth and application number so we can locate your application and begin your background check.  Be advised that local police departments are required to complete a background check on all applicants.  If you have ever been convicted of a criminal offense, anywhere and at any time in your life, you MUST include that information on your application or your application will be delayed and may be denied for failing to include that information on your application. 
  • When your background check is complete we will call you to make an appointment for you to come in and pay the local fee (see the fee schedule below) to complete your application.  After the local fee is paid, your application will be transmitted to the Indiana State Police for approval. 

Local Handgun Permit Processing Fee Schedule: 

  1. 4 year carry permit - $10
  2. Carry permit renewal - $40
  3. Lifetime carry permit - $50

Local processing fees will be due after the background check is complete and must be paid before the application is transmitted to the Indiana State Police.  Payment for fees must be CASH ONLY in the exact amount of the fee.   Be advised that local processing fees are not included in the state application fee or the electronic fingerprint fee.